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P. 3 「はじめに」の元原稿(英語版)

TOEICⓇ TESTおまかせ!650点  (ユーキャンの資格試験シリーズ) TOEICⓇ TESTおまかせ!650点  (ユーキャンの資格試験シリーズ) の「はじめに」の部分は最初は英語で書きました.そしてそれをほぼそのまま日本語にしました.現在の内容とは微妙に違っているのですが,それはたぶん大人の事情があるのでしょう. 一応,書いたころはぼくたちはこう考えていたということでオリジナルの英語版を参考までに載せます. Preface This book is designed to efficiently and effectively help you acquire the knowledge and strategies to score over 650 on the TOEIC TEST. Most of the grammar and vocabulary found in the actual TOEIC test is very fundamental and necessary for using English in the workplace and daily life. Therefore, by preparing for the TOEIC test, you will be learning English for real life as well. We tried to include critical vocabulary you must know to score 650. Also, we put highlighted textboxes that explain basic grammar that can be confusing to beginning and intermediate English learners while avoiding too many complicated grammar terms. So, we believe you will find them easier to understand when compared to the explanations found in high school grammar textbooks. Plus, we tried to include the grammar that goes beyond sentence structures, such as the usage of conjunctive adverbs and discourse markers. Those are often neglected from English education in Japan. However, since we know how important they are for real life English and the TOEIC test, we explained them in detail. While writing this book, we received sad news from the United States. Dr. Ronald Long, a professor we studied under at the University of Central Missouri, passed away. We missed the chance to show him this book which we are sure would have interested and pleased him since his intention, as is ours, was to help English learners. He will be greatly missed. We hope that this book will help you achieve your target score and enhance your English skills. Yosuke Ishii Vickie D. Winston