Write to Do the Right Thing

I create things and write about them here as well as other stuff. Views are always mine.


I am starting to resent people who are fitter than me at the gym.
fit という単語にはいろいろな意味があって、これは、
healthy and strong, especially because you exercise regularly
の意味(定義はLAAD)だと思うが、これが比較級になっているのを聴いたり見たりしたのはたぶんはじめて。いや意識してなかっただけかもしれませんが。resent の定義も若干自分の理解と違っていました。
resent /rɪzɛnt/ vt. to feel angry or upset about a situation or about something that someone has done, especially because you think that it is not fair.
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