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Write to Do the Right Thing

I create things and write about them here as well as other stuff. Views are always mine.


- Why did he stick his tongue down your throat? - To see if he's straight or not. - What's wrong with you? - What's wrong with YOU? - Didn't tell me anything that wasn't a lie? - You wouldn't have gone out with me if I hadn't laid it on so thick.
ぼくはドイツ語はできないので、英語訳がうまいのか、原文が面白いのかは知らないですけど、こういうやりとりはなかなか仕事ではできないでしょうが、日常生活ではたまには使ってみたいものです。 なかなか英会話教材とかでもこんなのは出てこないですよね。英語表現がどうかということではなく、発想として。