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I Saw You That Night! [マスマーケット] / R. L. Stine (著); Point (刊)
I was forgetting what it's like to have a normal, happy life.
The sky was a clear, bright blue without a trace of a cloud.
Terry uttered in a low, menacing voice.
in a menacing voice「脅すような調子で」はよく使われるコロケーション.TOEICにはもちろん出ません.
"I messed up. I just messed up." Lee muttered, more to himself than to her.
A desperate plan flashed into her mind.
flashed into one's mind はパツと考えが浮かんだときに使うコロケーション.
You'll just owe me for as long as you live.
「生涯をかけてつぐなえばいいのよ」は怖いが,ジョークとしては使えそうです.実は just がいい役割をしています.